Dance.com is the world’s first multi-platform, digital media company to celebrate the entire universe of dance: from dancing pop icons to funny wedding dance videos to televised dance competitions with audiences in the tens of millions.

We are an upBEAT editorial website with entertaining features, news and reviews; a video platform allowing the audience to enter a wide variety of dance contests (e.g. funniest dancing toddler; best street crew in America); an entertainment site for spectacular dance videos and celebrity interviews; an instructional video and image destination; and a social network for serious dancers. We seek the widest possible audience for all things dance, spreading a message of celebration, joy, fun, fitness, self-expression and support for this captivating art form.

As a fast-growing start-up backed by Capezio, the world’s premier provider of dancewear, we strive to offer marketers the opportunity to make an emotional connection with millions of dance fans in an upBEAT and joyous mindset. We also work with brands to shape native advertising campaigns related to the inspiring world of dance. Please see our Advertising page for more details.