Why a major new media brand dedicated exclusively to dance? Because dance is everywhere, in pop culture and real life, creating limitless opportunity for mass appeal, high-energy viral storytelling. Yet no major media brand celebrates the joy of dance as a cultural mainstay, every bit as important and engaging as music in the daily lives of regular people. Endlessly visually appealing and upBEAT, dance perfectly lends itself to the emergence of mobile and of video as a dominant digital narrative tool.

Backed by a multi-million dollar investment from Capezio, the world’s leading dancewear brand, is run by prominent leaders in digital media and cultural journalism. Our goal is to create a consistently joyous emotional connection with our audience – and help extend that emotional connection to select brands. In addition to display. mobile and video ads, our native advertising capabilities include a wide variety of multi-media narrative techniques, including product integration with leading dancers. As research shows: “Being associated with happiness helps build stronger emotional connections between consumers’ memory structures and a brand.”

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