Lovers Onstage: Three Contemporary Duets With Chemistry -

Lovers Onstage: Three Contemporary Duets With Chemistry

Valentine’s Day is all about love, which is all just hearts and rainbows, right? Ha!

For this romantic holiday, wanted to see what contemporary dance has to say about love. We asked three dance companies to give us not only the pretty and perfect view on relationships, but the push-pull, too.

As you’ll see in these clips, what’s important is chemistry between the dancers. Watching two dancers connect on stage can make you believe that the feelings are real, and you can see it onstage or on film, be it teen angst in “Romeo & Juliet” or the confusion and triumph of “Dirty Dancing.”


Why people have chemistry can be hard to explain, but when you see it, you know. Being in sync with each other’s movements, eye contact, and a mutual understanding of the story the dancers are sharing convey romantic chemistry.

Watch these moments from dance companies Mark Morris Dance Group, Parsons Dance, and Visceral Dance Chicago to see how two people can share passion, trust, and chemistry all while executing perfect turns.

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