No Sshhing In This Museum: Tap Dancing Goes All Night -

No Sshhing In This Museum: Tap Dancing Goes All Night

The world-famous Guggenheim Museum is about to get loud: Tap dancer Michelle Dorrance is set to rattle the rotunda.

After a three-week residency, Dorrance will tap out her shuffles, flaps and chugs for a 30-minute performance that guests watch from the spiraling ramps of the rotunda, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The dancer, who in 2015 was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, is one of the most influential tappers in the U.S. She was invited to create a work for the museum as part of its newly launched Works & Process Rotuna Projects.

Works & Process events, during which performing arts talk and demonstrate their craft, usually take place in a 285-seat theater tucked within the famous art museum. While the events have been running for more than 30 years, the move to the soaring rotunda allows her work — and that of upcoming dancers — to be seen by hundreds more in a rare gem of contemporary architecture on Feb. 16.

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