China's Richest Man Surprises Onstage With Michael Jackson Moves

He’s Bad! China’s Richest Man Channels Michael Jackson

Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman for Alibaba Group, may be the richest man in China, but what really wants to do is bust some Michael Jackson moves.

At a company party, 40,000 employees watched a masked man wearing MJ’s signature “History” costume ride a motorcycle onto the stage.

The opening beat of “Billie Jean” filled the venue, and the mystery man began a series of hip thrusts, turns and arm gestures that recalled Michael-mania.

When the music stopped, the star approached the front of the stage and removed his jewel-encrusted mask to reveal his identity as: Jack Ma, executive chairman and founder of Alibaba!

The Gloved Chairman then brought on backup dancers and resumed a performance that included “Bad,” “Dangerous” and “Black or White.” Sha-mon. Check it out!