The Secret Behind Britney Spears' Total Domination Of Pop Dance -

The Secret Behind Britney Spears’ Total Domination Of Pop Dance

Oops, don’t miss her again.

Britney Spears‘ Las Vegas residency show Britney: Piece of Me closes on December 31, 2017. Along with Spears’ charm and dancing stamina, her choreographers, The Squared Division (Antony Ginandjar and Ashley Evans), deserve major props for the work they did creating the original show. Charm La’Donna produced some equally exciting updates to the show in 2016. You can view the side-by-side differences to the routines here.

In honor of the four-year-old extravaganza that cemented her fragile comeback, we studied Britney’s highlight dance videos and live performances, then cross-referenced them with the choreographers she’s worked with most often. The result is this juicy breakdown of Britney’s best choreographer chemistry.

Andre Fuentes

Andre Fuentes; Credit: IAMMAI Apparel/YouTube

Andre Fuentes; Credit: IAMMAI Apparel/YouTube

Fuentes choreographed and danced on camera with Britney in numerous tours and music videos – from the beginning (…Baby One More Time tour, “(You Drive Me) Crazy”) through her recent return (“Womanizer,” Circus Promotional Tour). She was said to be devastated after his mysterious death in 2016, and mother Lynne Spears posted on Facebook, “So sad and shocked to hear about the passing of dear soul, Andre Fuentes. So very talented with mesmerizing and memorable dance choreography. Thanks Andre, for sharing your amazing talents with my daughter. R.I.P.”

Wade Robson

Wade Robson; Credit: DS2DIO/YouTube

Wade Robson; Credit: DS2DIO/YouTube

Robson is another major dance collaborator of Britney’s from her early breakthrough days (“Oops… I Did It Again,” Pepsi Super Bowl spot, “I’m A Slave 4 U“, Dream Within A Dream Tour). According to choreographer Darren Henson, Robson had an affair with Spears in the early ’00s, leading to the infamous breakup with Justin. During Brit’s comeback phase, Robson was critical of the skimpy outfits and stripping routines she did in the “Gimme More” video and disastrous VMAs performance, saying it was a poor imitation of the fully clothed, yet devilishly sexy Britney in her “Oops” catsuit. Interestingly, Fuentes and Robson’s work with Britney often overlapped, with Robson dancing in the Fuentes-choreographed “Crazy” video, and Fuentes returning the favor in “I’m A Slave 4 U.”

Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman; Credit: Brian Friedman/YouTube

Brian Friedman; Credit: Brian Friedman/YouTube

Another significant choreographer in Britney’s career is Brian Friedman, who worked with Robson on “I’m A Slave 4 U.” Friedman choreographed some of Britney’s most iconic middle- and late-period videos, including “Toxic,” “Hold It Against Me” and “Til The World Ends.” Here are two behind-the-scenes videos of his original choreography for “Hold It Against Me” and “Til The World Ends.” And what about those rumors that it was a double doing much of the footwork in”Hold It Against Me”? Debunked! Friedman swears it was all Britney. In Britney’s words, Friedman, “fits my body,” and, “flows like me rhythmically.”

 When you’re an icon like Britney who incorporates so much dance into your work, the list of choreographers you work with is long. While we explored some of her most major dance collaborators, here are some serious honorable mentions: