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Exclusive: Derek Hough Wants To Dance With You And Here’s How

Derek Hough can’t stop moving, so it’s only natural his personal project is literally called “MOVE.”

The 31-year-old has far surpassed his role as a dance pro on “Dancing With The Stars” that he is now a star himself, with a lead in “Hairspray: Live,” credits as director and star of Michael Bublé’s latest music video “I Believe In You” and a spot as a judge on Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming NBC competition show “World of Dance.”

Despite so much going on at once, Hough is also on the heels of his third tour with his sister and fellow professional dancer Julianne Hough called “MOVE Beyond,” which kicks off its first of 50+ shows in April.

With the first two tours in 2014 and 2015 having sold out, Hough told Dance.com the brother-sister duo has been hard at work to make the show even better than the last and truly get people dancing in their seats.

“We try to make it different,” he said. “We want to create a lot of dynamic in the show so that by the end, the audience is inspired and they can take something away from it. It’s beyond anything we’ve done before!”


Stimulating visuals, original music, and innovative choreography in all styles ranging from ballroom and tap to salsa and hip-hop will all be part of the journey in “MOVE Beyond,” which was inspired by the elements — earth, wind, fire and water.

After all, moving is what puts Derek in his element.

So he also launched “MOVE Interactive” to get fans up and dancing, too. Partnering with local fitness centers, Derek and Julianne actually invite fans to “move” with them, whether it’s a hike followed by a dance class or a spin class dance party.

In between shoots for “World of Dance” and rehearsals for his upcoming tour, Dance.com spoke to Hough about how “MOVE” came about, what’s new in the upcoming tour and how he’s inspired by his fans.

How did “Move” exercise workshops begin?

Hough: “I was just working out one day, and I thought ‘We should have open workouts and have people come do them with us, to get people moving.'”

What’s been a gratifying moment for you?

“We get to know these people. It really does become a community. One girl came to the first ‘MOVE Interactive’ and that became her first step. She came back a couple weeks later and she had a lost like 30 pounds. She said, ‘You guys got me in the studio. You got me in the gym, and I kept going.’

There’s also a family — mom, dad and daughter — that come to every single one. They said, ‘Thank you. This has become something to bring our family closer together.’ Then sometimes I go to the gym and I see them! It’s become their hobby, and they love fitness now.”

It sounds like their stories really motivate you.

“It’s the fulfilling aspect of what we do. Personally, if I’m solely thinking about myself, I’m never in my best place. I always feel much more connected to who I am and who I want to be when there’s a service and a sense of giving.”


You’re doing so much. How do you keep up with yourself?!

“The more I do, the more energy I get. When I start to take breaks, that’s when I feel the most tired. When people think about fitness, a dance class or a hike, they can get a sense of fatigue or tiredness. But in reality the best way to get energy is to use your energy.”

What goes into planning ‘Move Beyond?’

“First and foremost, the music. It’s about: I want to dance to that. And we try to make it different. We’re not just grabbing off the radio and sticking songs in the show. We like to make it feel authentic and original.”

How do you decide the style of the shows?

“I love that it’s like a rock concert for dance. The lighting, the whole feeling, it feels like you’re at a concert, but it’s for dance. For me, it’s trying to make the audience feel really excite and move. That’s part of the reason why we called it ‘MOVE’ — not just because of the obvious, but what moves you emotionally? How can we take this audience on a journey, and have a great time and get them moving. ”

Do you and Julianne tend to agree on things? You seem so in sync.

“We don’t agree on everything, but we definitely trust each other. We do have a lot of faith in each other. It’s like any relationship. There’s compromise. There’s definitely a give-and-take. We’re a good team.”

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“MOVE Beyond” kicks off April 19th in Akron, OH and continues through Chicago, Boston, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more before concluding in Santa Rosa, CA. For tickets and the full list of cities and dates, head over to MoveLiveOnTour.com.

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