Mr. T Has The Secret From The 80’s To Winning 'DWTS': Breakdancing -

Mr. T Has The Secret From The 80’s To Winning ‘DWTS’: Breakdancing

Everyone should pity the fools who compete against Mr. T in “Dancing With The Stars”: He has a major secret for winning up his sleeve. unearthed footage from the 1980’s proving that Mr. T has some serious dance moves — and clearly isn’t afraid to use them!

Way back when he was at the peak of his fame for “The A-Team” and his role in “Rocky III,” Mr. T made a motivational video for children entitled, “Be Somebody…or Be Somebody’s Fool.” Thankfully, someone dusted off their old VHS and blessed the internet with footage from this epic 1984 video created by MCA Home Video.

In the advice film, Mr. T helps kids understand their worth and learn how to “be somebody,” through song, dance and his infamous one liners. (And also a lot of shouting, “Be Somebody!”) For example, one pre-teen who is being peer-pressured to smoke and drink gets a lesson from the mohawked man himself on how to stay out of trouble while being solicited with a kitschy 80’s tune.

But his segment about creating is where he showed off his dance moves. “Creating is a way of making your mark,” he says in the video, walking up to a group of kids breakdancing on the street. After casually watching the youngsters doing some b-boy tricks, a teenage girl teaches him how to do the wave, the Tick, clapping and the backslide.

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Even though Mr. T was the definition of cool in the 1980’s — he even had his own brand of cereal, for crying out loud! — he never actually made a career for himself in popping and locking despite this unknown young lady’s excellent teaching. Mr. T did seem to approve of the kids’ pastime, pointing out that some people “make art with their body.”

We couldn’t agree more. Clearly this man knows talent when he sees it.

Of course, Mr. T (born Laurence Tureaud) was — and still is — a bonafide a showbiz icon, but he was never exactly famous for having raw talent. He started off as a bodyguard before his big break in acting. He was personally cast by Sylvester Stallone for his role in “Rocky III” as boxer Clubber Lang and went on to dominate the 80’s with his zany personality, infamous mohawk and layers of gold jewelry.

We’ll see if his professional partner Kym Herjavec can bring out the breakdancing inside of Mr. T on “Dancing With The Stars.”

T, we know you have it in you!

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