Prince William Unleashes Dad Dance Moves Straight From The 90's -

Prince William Unleashes Dad Dance Moves Straight From The 90’s

Prince William can some day become the future King of England, but in the club, his moves are not exactly as noble.

The 34-year-old Duke of Cambridge was spotted at a nightclub in Verbier, Switzerland seriously rocking out on the dance floor — with some awkward moves.

His song of choice? ”
I Got 5 On It” by Luniz.

The heir to the throne unabashedly broke it down while raising the roof 1990’s style in the video posted by gossip site
TMZ. He was with some of his friends at the nightclub while on holiday for a ski trip, but he spent the night dancing alone, reminding us a little of internet sensation Gary Brolsma and his famous “Numa Numa” webcam dance.

We can’t imagine why his buddies didn’t want to join in on the dancing.

But William is not embarrassed. He clearly enjoyed the music so much that he even hugged the DJ afterwards, as seen in a
photo posted on Twitter.

Prince William is clearly the master of the “Dad Dance,” a phenomenon that happens to fathers who break out old school dance moves and embarrass their kin.

We hope Prince George and Princess Charlotte don’t see this someday! Check out TMZ’s video:

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