This little boy just got served by a police officer!

The Nash County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina shared this hilarious video of what really happens during a patrol: Dance battles!

According to the police department's Facebook page, a kid named Jason decided to challenge Deputy Cody Williams to a dance off using the song that's inspiring viral videos everywhere: "Juju On That Beat" by Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall. Doing the moves to the song, both Jason and Deputy Williams seemed to be having a blast during their battle.

Capt. Eddie Moore told ABC News that he and the dancing deputy were in a parking lot when Jason came up to them to chat.

"They got onto the topic of dance, and Jason told Deputy Williams, 'I bet I could dance better than you,' and the two just went at it!" Moore said.

Moore told ABC he wants to show that cops can be your friends, too, which explains why the post included the hash tag "#wedomorethanwritetickets."

"We want people to know that we're a part of the community and no different than they are," he said. "It's important to us to foster positive relationships with the community and that they know we're here for a good reason."