If you thought ballet terminology was confusing, watch an episode of "Dancing With The Stars."

Quite frequently on the competition show, where celebrities are paired with pros to battle it out on the dance floor, there's vocabulary that people without dance training may have never heard before.

Sure the Jive and the Cha-Cha are seemingly familiar concepts in American pop culture, but what about the Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz? And what the heck makes the Viennese Waltz different than the Waltz, really?

Well, we went straight to the source and asked professional dancer Lindsay Arnold, who is partnered with the first MLB player for 'DWTS' Season 24, what makes each style so special.

"The crazy thing is, there's so many dance styles because there's so many ways to move," Arnold told Dance.com. "The dance styles we do on 'Dancing With The Stars' are typically ones you compete. The ones we compete are usually evolved from other dance styles that people did."

But, it takes a true professional to understand the nuances and intricacies of these styles of dance, and it's challenging at times for even someone like Arnold to dabble in new ones.

"There's so many different ways of movement and it's totally fun to learn and explore new movement," she said.

So, here's your handy guide to the variety of styles that are performed on "DWTS" — and feel free to work these into conversations during viewing parties.

First, we had to ask Lindsay what her favorite is!

Brandon Showers

Arnold: "My favorite dances are Paso Doble and the Argentine Tango. It's funny because I'm not a super intense person in regular life, but when it comes to dancing, I really like showing the aggression and the passion behind it. That's not something that I don't necessarily release on a daily basis. It's nice to let that inner passion out when I'm dancing."

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