Ayo And Teo Taught Usher Dance Moves, Now They're Internet Famous

How Ayo And Teo Danced Their Way To Internet Fame — And Usher’s Team

Imagine being able to say you taught Usher a dance move.

Well, that’s how the story goes for Ayo and Teo, two brothers from Ann Arbor, Michigan (whose real names are Ayleo and Mateo Bowles). They taught Usher, one of the best male dancers since Michael Jackson, their signature dance move, called The Reverse — and now they’re not only internet-famous, but on the way to being celebrities themselves.

The brothers grew up watching and mimicking Michael Jackson videos. Then when Teo came across videos of Les Twins, who have since won NBC’s World of Dance, the two brothers started making their own YouTube videos. 

Dancing in their kitchen and bedroom, the brothers infused Les Twins and Michael Jackson moves with current hip hop dances. It was while doing the Nae Nae and Hit The Quan dances when Teo created the Reverse stepping backwards with slow ticking steps. The move became a popular social media dance, the #reversechallenge. Then the brothers created a hip hop song “In Reverse.” 

Ayo and Teo continued to grow their YouTube and Instagram followings (all now past the 1 million mark) while creating freestyle and well-choreographed hip hop routines, mixing in acrobatic and other physically challenging moves.

They were also known for covering their faces with masks, so you never really know what they look like. Best known for quick stutter step feet movements, toe spins, body waves and more, the duo was then tapped to appear in Usher’s “No Limit” video and later Chris Brown’s “Party,” as well as other videos from lesser known artists.  

Ayo and Teo also performed on Chris Brown’s Party Tour dancing onstage. These appearances came around the same time their own party anthem “Rolex” started a new dance craze with its own dance challenge. That song ended up going platinum and became the signature song of school kids everywhere ready to learn the latest hip hop dance moves.  

While it may seem this all happened over night, these two are a testament to the power of social media in helping self-taught dancers actualize their dreams.

Next up for the brothers is a new song “Better Off Alone,’ that’s also bound to be a hit. That’s if the over 30,000 #betteroffalone posts on Instagram are an indicator. 

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