Google Doodle Hip-Hop Explainer Breaks Down Breakdance
Hip Hop

Hip Hop History: We’re Loving Google Doodle’s Breakdance Explainer!

When you want to do dance more, add more music! That’s what led to the birth of “breakdance” in hip-hop music, when DJs extended the “break” in songs, letting dancers get dow, And today, the Google Doodle is celebrating the 44th anniversary of that that innovation with a video that explains exactly how it happened.

Of course, the birth of breakdance led to some excellent dance moves that over the years have evolved into b-boy style, popping, hybrids with tap dance and all sorts of individual urban styles: Check out Les Twins, the winners of NBC’s “World of Dance.” These French brothers learned from watching other dancers on the street and adapted it all into their own style.

Anyone who’s ever tried a few hip-hop moves knows that it’s hard work: This slideshow proves it. And if it’s too hard, be the DJ! The Google Doodle will show you how.


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