What's the key to finding love at any age? For this hip-hop dance-till-ya-drop Grandma, it's all about shakin' that thing.

Christina Cid, a 26-year-old from Tampa, Florida, uploaded a video of her grandma, 80-year-old Gilman Benitez, doing the boogie down in the hopes of finding her a boyfriend.

The New Jersey granny, who is widowed and on the quest for a companion, shakes her tail feather and swings her hips in a viral video posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page, showing how she's "single and ready to mingle."

Cid told The Huffington Post her grandma Gilman "was happily married to my grandfather for many years before his passing" and is looking for "someone she can spend her days with."

"I try to egg her on when I see a cutie but she gets nervous!" Cid told HuffPost.

According to her granddaughter, Gilman is looking for someone who is "kind, family-oriented, goes to church and also speaks Spanish."

And someone who can dance with her, too!