Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to honor the great: Prince.

The world lost a legend on April 21, 2016 when Prince Rogers Nelson tragically passed away at age 57. And while his spirit lives on through his expansive body of music, his soul lives on through dancing.

Prince was an incredible performer all-around — as both a singer/songwriter and a dancer — who never let gender norms dictate his style of dancing. From his flamboyant hip action to his electrifying jump splits (often in high heels) and even to the sensational way he owned the stage doing his signature strut, Prince fearlessly moved in a way that either made his audience bow down to the ultimate entity of coolness or fall in love with his seducing movement as a sex symbol.

For the one-year anniversary of his death, took an in-depth look at the best moves from the beloved singer.

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