Everyone knows that rock n' roll is the greatest music to dance to.

Just kidding. Rock — with its electric guitar squeals and bass guitar rhythms — can present some dance challenges: Sometimes all you're really felt with is air guitar and lip syncing. Who hasn't stood at a rock concert for hours and pretty much just bopped along.

All that said, rock does get people into a fist-pumping, hair-tossing, hip-grinding mood. And rock has evolved from the likes of Elvis to the golden age in the 1960s to psychedelic and glam rock — and spun off into punk, heavy metal and alternative rock. The genre has faced a challenge from rise of hip-hop and now from EDM, two genres with specific dance styles and techniques that are not only found in club but taught in studios. But while you can take a hip-hop or house dance class, we're on the lookout for a rock session.

Still, whether you're a fan of hair bands or grunge and garage, the unifying factor is that the genre will always make you want to move like Jagger. Or at least break out into your famous air guitar solo.

Click through for some of the best rock songs that spark dance parties with their power guitar licks and rad drums.

Beatles “Revolution”

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It's hard to choose the best Beatles song to dance to with a catalog of hundreds and hundreds songs. But this 1968 song from the self-titled double album many call "The White Album," is our favorite here at Dance.com. Despite being about some heavy topics in the 1960's when the political climate was tense, it's somehow uplifting to hear John Lennon singing "it's gonna be alright." Listen on YouTube.

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