There are a whole lot of movies that can steam up your Valentine's Day, but some of the most sultry moments in cinema have involved dances that range from flirty to positively sexy.

While some movies have romance woven in their plot, like "Dirty Dancing" and "Titanic," other lighthearted movies also have steamy scenes that seem to come out of nowhere.

In 1952 classic film "Singing' In The Rain," Gene Kelly is halfway through a jovial tap performance when suddenly, a dancer catches his hat on the top of her shoe. When he looks over to find his fedora on a sexy stiletto shoe belonging to a flapper, of course they engage in a passionate duet.

It doesn't always take two to make an amorous scene, though: Sometimes a seductive solo sets the mood. Either way, these scenes had all the right moves.

16. "Fame" (1980)


As Hilary (played by Antonia Franceschi) works on a ballet routine, Leroy (played by Gene Anthony Ray) sneaks in and watches on lovingly. Their chemistry is strong, and with one little nod, the two walk off together. Watch the clip here.

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