By now, you've seen people do "Juju On That Beat" a million times, but never like this.

Chase Carlson is a 24-year-old employee at Target in Urbandale, Iowa, who after a shift did the dance for his co-workers.

The beefy weightlifter and former college athlete posted the video for his friends on Facebook and now he's an internet star. His dancing video has more than 3 million views — and his moves have tongues wagging.

Some of his newly-minted fans have called him "the hottest Target employee ever" while others have been asking why their local Target stores don't have employees like Chase.

But according to Carlson, he just did it to make his fellow Target employees smile.

"I love to make people smile and love to come to work," he told The Des Moines Register. "That's my way that I engage with the team. I try to make this place as fun as possible to work at."

It appears his mission has been a success.