Acro Dancers Defy Gravity With Intense Lifts And Stunts -

Acro Dancers Defy Gravity With Intense Lifts And Stunts

When acro mixes with dance, it’s a stunning sight for the eyes.

Zurcaroh is an acrobatics group based out of Austria, and they seriously know how to wow a crowd.

With perfect precision, plus unusual formation and costumes, the group’s routine is captivating from the beginning. But then, just a few seconds into the opening, they nail a partnering lift we had no idea was even possible.

A male dancer seems to pick up a female dancer literally by her ankles or feet, completely defying gravity. If you watch extra closely, the female dancer was actually lying on the ground all along waiting for the stunt, though that definitely does not explain how they did it.

After this wonder woman executes various positions in the stunt any flyer in cheerleading would envy, the group continues to dazzle with the synchronicity in their routine.

Then, they make a human pyramid out of a group of dancers you have to see to believe. Again, we have no clue how it was done.

The mesmerizing dance was performed by Zurcaroh at the 2015 World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki.

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