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Dear readers,

Welcome to Dance.com! You’re in the right place, whether you’re a hip-hop freestyler, a ballet devotee, that wedding guest doing the Lawnmower or a casual sender of viral videos.

No matter how you interact with dance, come sit by us. Dance.com is the first media brand to cover all aspects of dance from what’s happening on street corners to legendary stages.

And we like to think we’ve arrived at just the right time.

Technology has made dance easier than ever to shoot and share by video. Just take a look at our monthly contest page to witness the variety of people expressing themselves in movement. (And don’t be shy: upload your own clip!)

Television shows have popularized style and techniques beyond their communities. Professional ballroom dancers like Derek Hough, formerly of “Dancing With the Stars” and set to judge “World of Dance,” now have global fan bases.

Social media dances crazes have turned neighbors into stars, bringing people together in surprising ways: Check out this viral video of a police officer and a local kid trying to out-do each other’s moves.

The swell of interest even helped fuel the comeback of the Broadway musical. Who would’ve guessed that “Newsies,” Disney’s 1992 movie-musical flop about 19th-century boys selling newspapers, would be reborn 20 years on as a Broadway hit, winning the 2012 Tony Award for best choreography?

That didn’t happen because of sudden interest in the newsboy strike of 1899. It was a steady build of a new generation discovering musical theater through television and film.

Fan culture around “Newsies” proved so strong that after the Broadway run and national tour, producers created a new film of the stage production, which this week will be broadcast into cinemas nationwide. (And this version is so turbo-charged with explosive, energetic choreography, you won’t want to blink.)

If you share our enthusiasm for movement and music, we want to hear about it. Send us videos of your best Demi Lovato Challenge, your pets who dance or whatever the next dance craze may be. Our upload system is easy to use:http://dance.com/st/upload.

We’re fans of dance, and we know you are, too. Even if you truly believe the Lawnmower needs one more push!

Pia Catton

Editor-in-Chief, Dance.com

Danish artist Bjørn Okholm Skaarup’s sculpture “Hippo Ballerina” near Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.Pia Catton

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