Doing The Macarena Got This Saudi Boy Arrested
The Dance Mix

We KNEW It! Doing The Macarena In Public Will Get You Arrested

We’ve known since the 1990s: Doing the Macarena is a public offense.

And it turns out, it can get you arrested in Saudi Arabia. That’s what happened to one unnamed 14-year-old boy in the town of Jeddah.

After video of him dancing the global smash in the middle of traffic was posted on social media, authorities hauled the boy and his father to the local police station.

An investigation revealed the footage was about a year old, despite resurfacing now and going viral. Charges of traffic disruption and breaching public morality were considered, but never filed. The boy was released — pledging to respect public taste.

We’d like to thank this mystery dancer for doing us all a great public service. Because of him, the idea that public Macarena displays might be grounds for arrest is no longer a theory. It’s now established case law!

Watch out fans of The Whip. The jury’s still out on you!