Watch These Dancing Zombies Shake Their Undead Booty

If You Like ‘The Walking Dead,’ Wait Till You Witness The DANCING Dead!

If it’s not too early for the pumpkin-spice take over, then it’s not too early for zombies and Halloween! And everyone knows that zombies love to dance, right?

That’s a debatable point. How much dancing is there really on “The Walking Dead?” (Don’t forget: Season 8 of the Walking Dead begins Oct. 22 on AMC. And Netflix is adding Season 7 of the series on Sept 8.)

Regardless, people who dress up like zombies clearly love to dance in costume. One thing’s for sure. It doesn’t have to make sense. Hey, dancing costumes — be they silly or serious — is something we fully support. So stick your arms out, and shake your undead booty!



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