The only thing more iconic than a television show are the characters themselves.

And the stars of these shows not only stole our hearts with their quirky quips and playful personalities, but they've also danced their way into our memories.

Just as memorable as dances in movies, these beloved TV characters made quite the impression when they busted a move on the small screen.

And these aren't just dances that happened during an episode or two. These signature moves, whether scripted or spontaneous, have stood the test of time — one was even first performed almost 50 years ago! Not to mention, these iconic moves have also earned themselves infamous names of their own.

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Fonzie’s “The Fonz” (Happy Days, 1974-1984)


Along with his signature catchphrase and thumbs up, did you know The Fonz actually had his own dance? Actor Henry Winkler danced not once but twice in "Happy Dance." The first time was during a dance marathon where he debuted some very "Saturday Night Fever" moves. He also danced with several women at a show, coining his own dance called "Do The Fonzie."

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