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‘Star’ Overcomes Overdose; Season 1 Episode 3

TV recap: ‘Star’

Overdose alert! We’re only three episodes in and already dealing with an near-death experience. Simone, who downed a giant handful of pills, appears ready to give her final bow and go join her mother on that big stage in the sky.

While she’s recovering, Queen Latifah, a devoted church lady, has to lie to keep the underage Simone out of foster care. All this while Star and Alexandra are cute and clueless, working a club to network with a producer.

That’s because time is ticking: They need to record a demo to get them into an important music festival, but the deadline is approaching and one-third of the team is on lock-down in the ICU. But Star is not about to let a pesky thing like a mental health crisis get in her way. And Simone appears to be remarkably spry when she should be having the world’s worst hangover.

Oh yeah, and two nefarious subplots are brewing: The girls’ manager, played by Benjamin Bratt, has agreed to do an errand on the black market, but things go a little off. And the past is about catch up with Simone and Star.

THE DANCE: All those hospital scenes lead to the girls dancing and singing one of their songs in the shortest hospital gowns never created, plus stiletto boots that no nurse ever wore. If every hospital had break-dancing orderlies like these, getting sick would be a hip-hop paradise!