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‘Star’ Wants Fame, Suffers Hair Insults; Season 1 Episode 1

TV Recap: ‘Star’

So the hottest new R & B girl group just rolled up into Atlanta. And they come with enough problems to fill a bowl full of soap-opera twists: There’s Star, the ambitiously-named, curly-haired white wannabe with a pot-head, booze-guzzling sister named Simone, who had to sprung out of an abusive foster care home. They both have voices of R&B angles. Their third pal is a rich New York teen who according to her father is a “talentless brat.” That’s Alexandra. Star met her on Instagram.

But really: the best slap-down, oh-no-she-didn’t moments in “Star” are to be found in the hair salon where the trio works for Miss Carlotta, the Bible-thumping mother figure who you kind of want to hang out with, too. Because she’s played by Queen Latifah.

Star rolls into Miss Carlotta’s salon and the welcome mat is definitely not laid out by the irrepressible Miss Bruce, played by Miss Lawrence, known for his roles on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Fashion Queens.”

When bottle-blonde white Star arrives at the black salon asking for Ms. Carlotta, Miss Bruce wants to know: “Did you find her on Groupon?”

It doesn’t stop: “You need your roots done ASAP.” The receptionist steps in: “She can’t help it, she’s ugly.”

THE DANCE: To wrap up the episode, group succeeds in landing a gig: A one-song performance at the home of a pro-football player. They pretty much slay, as they had promised repeatedly to do. They strut, vamp and vogue all over the player’s mansion, and even though Simone is fall-down drunk, even she nails Sean Bankhead’s sexy choreography.

But first, catch this clip of Lenny Kravitz being a unsupportive rock star father whose shoe collection is plentiful enough for any fashion-obsessed viewer to envy.

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