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11 Ordinary People Who Became Internet Famous For Dancing

Here’s a good motivation for sharing your best moves on social media: You might become famous.

It happened to these ten people who started their day off as average and went to bed superstars, all thanks to good ol’ social media. From high school kids doing the Running Man to dancing Starbucks baristas to the prancing lady, these folks posted online and were suddenly international YouTube stars.

Remember Gary Brolsma and his “Numa Numa” dance? Using a web camera, he captured himself dancing in what in a few years everyone would be calling a selfie. Clearly, Gary was ahead of his time.

When Vine came out as a means for posting six-second video snippets, a first-grader by the name of TerRio with chubby cheeks and super cool dance moves took the net by storm.

Australian runner Michelle Jenneke was well-known down under for being a tremendous athlete, but captivated the entire world with her signature shake.

How many of these web superstars do you remember?

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