'Destiny 2' Video Game Launches With An Epic Dance Battle

These Video Game Fighters Had An Epic Dance Battle And We SO Needed This

Who wants to dance while Earth is being invaded by aliens? Everybody in the new video game “Destiny 2,” it turns out.

Dance was a major part of the game’s launch strategy: This 3-minute live-action trailer (below) features a high-energy dance battle between competing Guardians, the roles that players assume in this shoot-em-up about defending earth.

We’ll have to wait and see if the strategy worked. The game was released globally on September 6. But if early figures are correct, the game may be the largest launch so far of 2017.

And this game isn’t alone: A trend in worldwide, multi-player online gaming is “emoting” – having your online avatar break out into what amounts to an end-zone dance at key moments in the game.

There are multiple reasons why players like to get their groove on in the middle of rapid-fire action and complicated storylines.

They could be celebrating a hard-earned victory. Or they could be taunting other players in hopes of having them make a tactical mistake.

And with more than a million people playing this game together around the world, a digital dance on the battlefield is just like dance onstage: It conveys emotion when words cannot.

So when you’re using superpowers to kill aliens, and you encounter another human player, a quick booty shake or neck roll is a satisfying and efficient way to connect.

Emoting is also a big part of the Destiny game world, even more than most other game franchises, and players can earn or buy new signature dance moves to express their jigginess.

We’re guessing “The Robot” isn’t a popular dance move in the “Destiny” universe, but we’ like to see it happen!


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