Is The Dab Here to Stay, Or So 2016? -

Is The Dab Here to Stay, Or So 2016?

Watch the hottest dance crazes and vote for which one will last through 2017.

Dance trends come and go, so we’d like to know: Which ones do you think are coming or going? After a year of fun viral challenges and moves like the Dab, the Running Man and the Mannequin Challenge, some will inevitably fall of out favor.

But others may be here to stay. After all, people are still doing the Moonwalk, the twist, every dance gesture from the Village People’s 1978 hit song “YMCA” and even the Hand Jive when they hear the peppy song from the musical “Grease.”

Already, some gestures are already posing some serious competition, like celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe’s “salt sprinkle,” a little hand move that’s perfect for celebrating.

Which do you think will stick? Vote in our poll below!

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