16 Madonna Tribute Artists Who Keep Us Dancing

16 Totally Committed Madonna Tribute Artists Who Keep Us On The Dance Floor

Singing and dancing like Madonna may be living-room-only fun for some of us. But for tribute artists, it’s a full-time occupation. And what’s even better than a Madge impersonator? One who dances!

So we’ve compiled 16 artists who love bringing Madonna’s movement and choreography to the stage.

Madonna’s dance roots are often a forgotten part of her story. She earned scholarships to the University of Michigan and a summer workshop at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She studied with modern-dance great Martha Graham and performed with renowned choreographer Pearl Lang. ¬†Later, in New York, she rose though the club scene, dancing professionally for years before achieving super stardom.

As our heroine once said: “I am interested in the simple basics, which is I love to dance, and I love to make people dance.”

And we salute these Madonna impersonators who embrace that love!