Now Everyone Can Be Internet Famous With New ‘Dance Cam’ App -

Now Everyone Can Be Internet Famous With New ‘Dance Cam’ App

Sports fans who love to dance in arenas are in for a treat: A new app enables anyone to record those fleeting moments when their dance moves are on the jumbrotron.

Appropriately called 15 Seconds Of Fame, or 15SOF, the app uses facial recognition software to help people caught on camera relive and share their moment of dance glory.

“If you’re at a sporting event and you are caught on the Dance Cam, being able to commemorate that moment, it’s tremendously valuable to people,” CEO Brett Joshpe told “We’re capturing these memories for people.”

Since launching in 2015, the company has partnered with stadiums and sports leagues around the country. And the process for fans is simple: After downloading the free app, users upload a selfie to their profile and check in at the game. If they are caught on the arena’s Dance Cam or even the Kiss Cam, the company’s proprietary technology and algorhythmic tools identify the user, then send video directly to their mobile phone.

Having the app eliminates the scramble that happens when people see themselves on the giant screen: As soon as their image goes up, fans fumble to find their phone and record the moment. Now, with the right dance moves, anyone can become as Internet famous as Warriors Mom: the zany, sweater-wearing woman whose dance moves at a Golden State Warriors game went viral.

“People don’t necessarily know if they’re going to be on the jumbotron or the TV. We always see this moment of surprise and shock when people look up at the video board and they’re on camera,” he said. “People don’t need to worry about getting their phone out in time.”

Users can also retroactively find their video by submitting a selfie and checking into a specific game afterward.

“They can get that content even if it’s an hour later, a week later or a month later. We’re able to go back and get people’s content before they even knew this existed,” Joshpe explained.

The app does not make it more likely to be caught on camera, said Joshpe, so don’t consider it a hack for fame. 15 Seconds does have a Hall of Fame section on its website, though, reserved for the most entertaining dancing fans.

“We get great clips every night,” Joshpe said, adding everyone is asked for consent before their content is shared on the site. We have a Brooklyn Nets sweater mom and she’s always dancing.”

She was so funny, the Nets even tweeted out for her to battle Warriors Mom using 15SOF footage in January.

Download the 15SOF app on your smartphone for free.

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