Relive One Of The Greatest Grammy Performances Ever: Michael Jackson -

Relive One Of The Greatest Grammy Performances Ever: Michael Jackson

RIP to The King of Pop and real Grammy performances.

The Grammy Awards honor music, but the event is reliably a spectacle: The red carpet fashion is edgy, the performers
outdo each other and even the antics of the presenters become scandals. The 59th Annual Grammy Awards (Feb. 13 at 8 pm EST) are likely to follow suit.

But at one point in the history of the Grammys, it was all about the dancing.

In 1988, Michael Jackson performed “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man in the Mirror” wearing a simple button-down shirt and trousers. No fancy graphics, no quick changes. He’s joined by a chorus for “Man in the Mirror,” but his dancing and performance stands on its own.

The King of Pop won 13 Grammy Awards in his time, and
eight of them he won on one, unprecedented night in 1984. But this performance was unforgettable thanks to his dance ability.

What made about MJ’s moves so exceptional? It was a combination of his lithe frame, extreme body control and the use of his hips that created signature movement. When he hit a pose, it was with snap stronger than a karate kick. His footwork was smooth like butter.

Sure, we’ve seen MJ grab his crotch and thrust or do the moonwalk. But
this at 1988 Grammy performance, he danced with so much finesse and power that you felt afraid to blink and miss the incredible way this singer-songwriter-producer moved.

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