The Floss Gets New Life After NFL Rookie Flosses On Field

With NFL Players Doing The Floss, Backpack Kid’s Dance Craze Is On Fire

What was that dance Steelers rookie T.J. Watt did on the field against the Cleveland Browns? The Floss!

With one of the newest stars of the NFL doing this dance (see below), we think this viral dance trend just got new life. And with the NFL lifting its dance ban, we expect to see more!

The dance first appeared on Saturday Night Live’s season finale in May, when teenager Russell Horning of Lawrenceville, Ga., performed while Katy Perry sang her new single “Swish Swish” from her album “Witness.”

The moves may look simple, but the challenge is in the speed. People have been trying to imitate it, including Perry herself, but nobody seems to be able to match the straight-faced, long-armed hilarity that Backpack Kid has.

Backpack Kid’s fame is no accident. He’s been putting out videos since 2015 and was invited to come to the show and dance by Perry. Before that, he received a shoutout on Instagram from Rhianna.

But is there anyone out there who can out-Floss him? Send us your best shots of doing “The Floss!” Click here to upload your video.

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