The Force Is Strong With This One: Dancer Channels Rey From ‘Star Wars’ For Competition -

The Force Is Strong With This One: Dancer Channels Rey From ‘Star Wars’ For Competition

Competition season may be somewhat of a snooze for the dads in the audience. But the force was strong with one proud dance dad in Florida.

Joe Ashba took his 7-year-old daughter Cameron to see the latest “Star Wars” film, “The Force Awakens,” and found that she was captivated by the lead character, Rey, played by actress Daisy Ridley.

“She was immediately inspired by Rey,” Joe told “That began her love of ‘Star Wars.’ It also didn’t help that, yes, her father is a big ‘Star Wars’ fan as well!”

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So when it was time to pick a song and theme for competition, it was a no brainer. Cameron’s choreographer Kendall Johnson also happens to love the “Star Wars” franchise and its fierce leading lady. Joe said the inspiration for the dance came out of the “shared passion for the theme of the powerful girl role model.”

“I looked up to Luke Skywalker as a kid, and now my daughter has Rey to look up to, which to me is awesome,” he said. The saga continues!

Cameron performed her routine to “Rey’s Theme” by composer John Williams at Nexstar, and she placed second overall in the 8-and-under intermediate solos and earned a platinum level score, the highest in that division. The winner of the competition was also from Cameron’s dance studio, Starz Dance Company, and a friend of the young Jedi dance master.

Joe said he was proud of his daughter for mastering aerial performance for the first time but also for her excellent choice in theme.

“As much as a parent’s heart is pounding when their kid takes the stage for a solo, it was all the more emotional and exciting that she was performing a dance born from a shared love of ‘Star Wars,'” he said.

Check out Cameron’s full dance on YouTube!

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