There's Now A Salt Bae Dance For The Infamous Chef -

There’s Now A Salt Bae Dance For The Infamous Chef

No salt necessary.

By now, you’ve seen Salt Bae, the Turkish chef who delicately sprinkles salt down his forearm on perfect pieces of meat, which he expertly slices and dices.

the infamous video of him slapping and dusting his meat amassed more than 10 million views and generated countless memes, GIFs and parodies, Nusret Gökçe now has a dance in his honor.

The meat guru, affectionately dubbed “Salt Bae” by the internet, has people all over the world mimicking his fairy-like dashing of salt. From athletes adding it into their victory dances to hip hop groups working the magical move into their routines, please welcome
#SaltBaeDance to the world!

“Everybody is doing the same move,” the chef and restaurant owner told
NBC News.

Salt Bae himself is also no stranger to dancing. The chef, who counts
Leonardo DiCaprio as a fan and customer, also posted a video dancing sensually with a slaughtered pig, which he, of course, then salts using his signature move.

His shake is quite salty if you ask us.

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