This Mascot Got Served In A Dance Battle With A Security Guard -

This Mascot Got Served In A Dance Battle With A Security Guard

‘Dance Cam’ always catches fans at sports arenas busting a move during a time out, but this dance battle during a Lithuanian basketball game turned just as heated as what was on the court.

The mascot for the Lithuanian basketball team BC Zalgiris, based in Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania, challenged a security guard to a battle and ended up getting completely served.

The BC Zalgiris’ Viking approached a security guard during the game, getting up in his face while dancing. He got more than he bargained for when the uniformed guard surprisingly broke out some serious dance moves.

The guard’s dance moves got so intense that he actually started popping and locking like a pro. Because he meant business, the unnamed guard even took out his earphones and pretended to wipe the floor with the mascot. And, of course, there was twerking and the Robot, because what dance battle is complete without busting out ye olde Robot?

Clearly, the mascot did not realize he would challenge a security guard who could whoop him in a dance battle. The BC Zalgiris’ Viking was a good sport, though, and danced along, clapping for the internet’s new hero.

In the end, both of them got the crowd hyped and gave the inter web a good laugh.


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