'So You Think' Season 11's Carly Blaney On Going Viral And Teaching a New Generation

Life After ‘So You Think’: Season 11’s Carly Blaney Finds A New Music Collaboration

Carly Blaney, whose hip-hop dance was voted Viewers’ Pick on Season 11 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” has returned to the spotlight.

Blaney just choreographed her first music video: A solo full of emotional moments and extreme turns for the song “No Service,” a new track from L.A.-based DJ/producer Brooks Brown, featuring Truitt.

And it comes after a busy few years. Carly danced with the “So You Think” live tour, then she spent two years with the 24 Seven Dance Convention, traveling the country teaching dance to children from ages 3 to 7.

In February, she performed in James Corden’s opening number for the Grammy’s, working with choreographer Mandy Moore. Around that time, a friend from high school contacted her with the idea to do Brown’s video.

She listened to the song and decided to go for it. “The tone of the music was so relatable, and it just made me wanna move,” she said. “When I focused on the lyrics – about being secure and not worrying about the person you’re with – it just came to life.”

In her choreography, she structured the moves to mirror the song arrangement’s buildup.

“I’m calmly walking into the space in the beginning and later on, waiting patiently on the ground, but by the end I go into the pirouettes and fouetté turns in such a free moment. Plus, I love turning!”

While she said she’s open to more music video collaborations, for the moment, she is beginning the next chapter of her life – touring the country choreographing for studios, teaching master classes and creating dances and solos.

Check out Carly’s dance for Brooks Brown’s “No Service”– above, in its pure form, and below with added commentary from her.




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