Watch A Fusion of Hip Hop And Ballroom In This Wild Dance Routine -

Watch A Fusion of Hip Hop And Ballroom In This Wild Dance Routine

What do you get when you mix ballroom dance with hip hop?

We have no idea, since there’s not exactly a name for it in the dictionary, but it’s seriously impressive.

A Korean dance company called All Ready fused street style, popping, locking, ballroom and Latin for one mega performance.

It switches between styles so many times, it’s almost as if you were watching a tennis match. One moment, it’s serious partner work, then it switches to popping and locking — then back to Latin-style footwork, followed by intense hip-hop floor work.

The two performers from the All Ready dance company are street performers, but they added in the partner work and Latin flair for
this special performance in Seoul.

It’s not uncommon for genres of dance, especially one as popular as hip hop, to fuse together. More often than not, dancers study multiple disciplines and find dancers to collaborate with.

Hiplet was created when dancers melded hip hop and ballet at the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center. It became a cultural phenomenon when hiplet dancers were all over the internet and starred in a campaign for Desigual’s new line of jeans.

It’s only a matter of time before hip hop fuses with country line dancing — and officially takes over the world.

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